Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Never fall victim to a wicked woman's ways. It was all hype, I needed more insight In retrospect, I know I slept from the first night She did a split and that was it Gave up my pimp license, and flipped my whole friggin script But now I'm back like the Isley's moving wisely Sizing up the situation, keeping honies waiting Cause I got more to do, than to be sucked dry This tough guy, will get by, while the chickens wonder why I don't be callin cause it's like Ex to Next kid I know what I want, and just how to get it Like her, no disrespect Miss #guru #alwaysspitstruth #gangstarr #legend #rip #mcguru #sheknowswhatshewantz #peace #liveyourlife #realsteeze #realhiphop